The Big Seven

The ‘Big Seven’ offers opportunities for our pupils which many of them would never have the chance to experience or would be unable to access due to their circumstances.  Imagine never going to the theatre and experiencing the excitement of watching a live performance. Imagine never having the opportunity to grow something from seed, plant it in the ground and watch it grow.  Imagine never visiting our wonderful capital city with all its history and sights or fully appreciating the history that surrounds us here in Portsmouth.  Imagine growing up never feeling the satisfaction you get from making a difference for your community. It is our intention that these experiences and others should be accessible to all our pupils and therefore, ‘The Big Seven’ are trips/events that we have decided all children must be given the opportunity to experience at least once during their Primary Education.  They are allocated as follows:

In FS - Explore the beach

In Year 1 – Grow Your Own

In Year 2 – See a 'live' event

In Year 3 - Make contact with someone abroad

In Year 4 - A Sleep-Over/Residential

In Year 5 - Visit the capital 

In Year 6 - Do something for the community