The Park and Stomp Initiative will run concurrently with School Streets starting on 13th September 2021. More information to follow...

If you are able to park within the 5 minute walking zone, you can park on Pembroke Road to the south of the school. The parking charge here is waivered during the School Streets closure times only. To the north west, Lombard Street and Highbury Street are also available to park in. The High Street to the North has limited parking. Roads that are closed and are not available to park on include:

  • Pembroke Close
  • St Nicholas Street
  • Poynings Place
  • Peacock Lane
  • Penny Street
  • Farthing Lane
  • Half Penny Street

If you are able to park in the 10 minute walk parking zone, you will find a larger availability of parking. To the west are Broad Street and White Hart Road. To the north west, parking is also available on Armory Lane and Warblington Street. To the east, Flint Street and Gould Street also have parking. Roads in this zone with more limited parking include High Street and Thomas Street to the north west and Victoria Avenue to the south.