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The NHS recommends that everyone, including children, eats at least 5 portions of fruit and veg a day so these should never be missed from your children's lunch box. Fruits and Vegetables are good, be them cooked or raw, fresh or dried or even blended. More info on healthy swaps can be found here;

When it comes to school lunches - always consider the following. 

Starchy foods like bread, crackers, rice and pasta are a great addition to lunch boxes. They can be white or wholemeal - with wholemeal providing the most substance for children's growing bodies. This is because wholemeal or wholegrain takes longer to digest and therefore keeps you fuller longer. 
Another great lunch item is the dairy and dairy alternative product - crammed with calcium and vitamins these build strong teeth and bones, but beware some contain high sugar, salt or fat content so do check the labels. 
Proteins are a lasting energy source, meat, fish, eggs, pulses and plant-based alternatives are all rich in protein. Try to make a switch from processed meats like ham, burgers, reformed chicken and cured meats to white meat and fish where you can - chicken and tuna are great for salads and sandwiches alike. 
Fat - despite the negativity that often surrounds this food group, we do need fat in our diets, just the right type and the right amount. Please remember that chocolate bars and bags of sweets (much like cakes and ice-creams) are a treat and should not form a main component of a lunch box. 
In line with the School Food in England Guidance by The DfE we have made the decision to put in place some food rules to follow.  As per our letter home, children should not bring family sized bags of crisps, biscuits or sweets, including chocolate bars, to school for lunch or snack - if we see children with these items we will remove them and call home to talk about it. Single packets of crisps and biscuits or cereal bars are OK. 

If you are struggling for lunch ideas here are a few great lunch boxes we spotted in school this week. 

Lunch 1

White bread sandwich with chicken. 

Regular bag mini cheddars. 

Raisins and banana. 

Yogurt and Yakult style drink. 

Fruit Winder. 

Lunch 2 

Tupperware box of pasta salad with tuna. 

Sliced apple and cheese pieces. 

Cherry tomatoes.

Cereal bar. 

Lunch 3

Egg wrap. 

2 small oranges. 

Small smoothie pouch. 

Small bag of chocolate chip cookies.